Starpunk — the launchpad to bring Plant Exodus to a full-scale NFT marketplace

Today, we’re eager to announce the partnership with Starpunk, a gamefi accelerator platform that aims to launch the Vietnamese game communities to the Blockchain’s skyline.

A glimpse about our partner — Starpunk

Starpunk is a blockchain game hub for NFT trading, allowing the project to create its own NFT Marketplace to reach players without intermediaries.

Starpunk intends to become an upgrade of Steam on Blockchain that offers fundraising service, DeFi integration, marketplace building & games promotion. The platform gives the community access to the play-to-earn mechanics from various game projects and community voting rights to improve in-game features on their own.

Where will this partnership lead us?

Through this partnership, the Starpunk team will assist in developing auction mechanics and other essential functions required in a NFT marketplace, which Plant Exodus can leverage to organize a Game Asset Offering and NFT trading market. Plant Exodus will also be one of the first gamefi projects to launch on Starpunk after a series of selection rounds based on graphics, gameplay, in-game economy and so on.

The opportunity comes as the NFT game market moves into a new phase of growth, in which the NFT games with high quality will continue to dominate and have strong valuations. Additionally, as the user base expands, the volume of NFT transactions will skyrocket. Thus a smooth, high-performance NFT Marketplace is required.

With the assistance of Starpunk, Plant Exodus is able to accelerate the NFT sale events. Specifically, our boxes will be listed for sale in the first Game Asset Offering in the next stage, and our Marketplace will release assets for users to start buying and selling.

At the same time, members of the Starpunk platform will also have the opportunity to access the information of this exciting game in the earliest and most complete way.

Currently, Plant Exodus has achieved a lot of remarkable milestones in just a short time. The number of members joining their community has grown to more than 70,000 users within just a few days, and this number is constantly increasing.

About Plant Exodus

Plant Exodus is an NFT Blockchain-based game inspired by classic turn-based RPG with the gorgeous 3D design combined with novel fantasy style, giving the audience a rich and expandable game ecosystem.

Plant Exodus was formed to build a wealthy economic system for all parties: Players, Game Promoters, Game Publishers & $PEXO holders. The Plant Exodus game on the blockchain platform is where anyone can earn tokens by playing and enriching the game ecosystem by fighting, collecting, training, and building kingdoms on their lands.

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🎮 Plant Exodus is an NFT Blockchain-based game, inspired by classic turn-based RPG with gorgeous 3D design style combining with novel fantasy style, which give

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Plant Exodus

Plant Exodus

🎮 Plant Exodus is an NFT Blockchain-based game, inspired by classic turn-based RPG with gorgeous 3D design style combining with novel fantasy style, which give

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